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DoorVi For Every Home
DoorVi For Every Home

DoorVi™ - World 1st QR Code Based Door Video Calling which is replacing your doorbells / Intercom with just a QR Code. Any Visitor standing outside the house needs to scan the QR code and connect with the house owner over video call.
The house owner can see and speak with the visitors from anywhere in the world on the smartphone.

DoorVi For Hotels
DoorVi For Hotel Industry

DoorVi™ is a Smart Video Doorbell Powered by QR Code Technology that instantly Connects Hotel Staff over an audio- video call or Chat. By providing guests with an efficient and seamless means of communication with hotel staff, hotels can deliver a more positive guest experience, leading to improved reviews and increased revenue.

DoorVi For Vehicles
DoorVi For Vehicles

DoorVi™ QR Code on your vehicle helps people to connect with you in case of wrong parking, accident or roadside assistance. The user parks their vehicle at any spot which might be a reason or issue for someone. With the help of DoorVi QR Code, the person can quickly contact you to take necessary action.

There’s a DoorVi Smart Doorbell For Every Location.

House, Apartment, Office, Warehouse, Hotels  — No Matter Wherever You Want, We’ve got the perfect DoorVi QR STICKER for you. Now Every Door is a Smart Door.


A Better Solution to Expensive Doorbells & Intercoms

We believe that useful technologies should be simple, accessible, and affordable.

DoorVi replaces bulky Smart Doorbells with a special QR code which requires no internet, electricity, or wiring.
Visitors/Guests can simply scan the QR Code and can get connected with you over a Video Call.


The DoorVi Video Calls brings convenience and security to your most valuable asset.
Your home

A Smart Video Call like no other

DoorVi pairs a QR code to your phone, Visitors can scan that QR Code to securely get in touch with you. Your visitors do not need an app to connect with you.

Powered by our bespoke codes, DoorVi is a smarter, safer, and easier way to answer the door, from wherever you are. We’ve replaced expensive hardware with our weatherproof QR-coded DoorVi units that can be installed anywhere and we use our proprietary technology to establish an anonymous, real-time connection between you and your visitors in which no personal or private information is exchanged.

Works Anywhere

DoorVi can be installed at any location and requires no WiFi or electricity.

No Wires or Wifi

Respond to visitors from anywhere using your smartphone and the DoorVi App


With DoorVi

Say GoodBye to Noisy Doorbells

Answer from Anywhere

Answer the door from your phone, from anywhere.

Visitor Friendly

Visitor don't need an App. Visitors can simply scan the QR Code and can get connected

Highly Secured

High level of home security by preventing unauthorized visitors from entering your home

Add Housemates or Members 

Add other people to your DoorVi so they can answer the door too


Frequently Asked Questions

DoorVi is a QR code Smart Doorbell system, that instantly upgrades your front door with a method for visitors to get in touch with you from anywhere.

To get in touch with you, your visitors simply scan your code with any smartphone (they don't need any app), and you are instantly connected in real-time.

We designed DoorVi as an affordable and hassle-free alternative to expensive Smart Doorbells that are difficult to install and require a broadband connection.

To order a DoorVi QR Sticker kit, download & login into the DoorVi App. Fill all the required details and click on Generate QR code and Buy QR Sticker, and we will courier the QR Sticker Kit in 3-7 days. When your DoorVi QR Sticker arrives, activate it and finish the setup for you and the rest of your family. Other members dont need to activate the QR Sticker. Once the sticker is activated, it is linked to the address.

We strive to ship all DoorVi orders within 24 hours of receipt and they typically arrive within 3 - 7 days. If you haven't received your DoorVi Kit after 7 days, please contact us via the live chat feature and we'll assist you.

When your DoorVi Kit arrives in the mail, use the DoorVi app to connect it to your account and complete the setup. You can do this by going to the App's home screen, Expand the Address menu and Select "Activate QR Code,". Scan the QR Code in front of Camera and the QR code will be activated And linked To The Address.

Yes! If you are DoorVi user, you can add other people - like family or housemates - so that they can also download the app to receive notifications and reply to visitors.You can do this by selecting the DoorVi you'd like to add someone to, and then selecting "Add Member" at the bottom of the Address on the Home Screen, you can add as Many Members for each Address free of Cost.

Absolutely! DoorVi is useful for locations where traditional Smart Doorbells or intercoms are not feasible - such as offices, shared spaces, building sites, campuses, or warehouses, because it can be installed anywhere.
DoorVi also supports properties such as a house/villa, a flat, an office space, a shop or a showroom, and a factory/warehouse, so any visitor standing outside can just scan the QR code and can connect with the owner over a video call.

DoorVi was created to work with any smartphone that can scan QR codes. Your guest can contact you by simply scanning the QR Code Sticker via QR Code scanner app or Mobile Camera.

Expand the Address menu in the App HomeScreen. Tap on "Add Members". You can insert the members name and mobile number manually or can add the member via contact list. Send the invite to the member.
Member needs to click on that link, download the app from app store. Launch the app and login with the same mobile number, on successful login, member will asked for the name and on submit, the member will be linked to the DoorVi Address.


To upgrade doorbells with DoorVi from every house in the world providing convenience and the peace of mind added security

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